The transformation of the Tro Bro Leon poster
Jean-Paul Mellouet first revealed his talent as a draughtsman in the Brest Underground. It was only natural that he should take on the job of designing the Tro Bro Leon posters from the very first edition. We can distinguish several periods in his artistic career. First, he proposed a vision of Bernard Hinault's and Marc Madiot's legs. After an initial edition in black and white, he followed the same theme with various colours. He then opened up to full-body portraits, retouching and manipulating the photos in the graphic spirit of the time. But in 2007, he broke away from this overly conventional work, picking up his pencil again and giving his static riders a soul. He was ready to receive a visit from a curious figure whose fame extended beyond the borders of French cycling. In 2016, represented by Namibian Dan Craven, the piggy bank became a permanent feature. It represents our happy childhood with the portrait of Dan Craven, our dreams and our fatigue when it nestles at the feet of Martin Mortensen, our madness and our overweening ambitions when it flies out of the hands of Andréa Vendrame to conquer an improbable sky...

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